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We provide motivated students in the West Orlando area access to resources and opportunities that enable them to contribute character, ability, and enthusiasm to their community.

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We questioned in 2020

The world was changing and we were concerned about the development of our children. 

How would they be challenged to grow? 

How would they develop emotionally?

How would they develop socially?

How would they be challenged by their peers?

How do we help?


We focused in 2021

We saw changes and also a lack of changes. 

How do we get back on track?

How do we engage our children emotionally?

How do we facilitate social progress?

How do we ensure competitive challenges?

What actions do we take?


We acted in 2022

Observing student-athletes in our community that had the passion and desire to grow, but lacked the funding we saw an opportunity to make a difference. We rallied to find a way to enable these individuals to push themselves, growing emotionally and socially, while also setting the tone for their peers. 

In our first year of action, we saw the effect that giving an opportunity had not only upon an individual, but also the families, and the community. 

With identifying our purpose and finding our catalyst for change we continue to strive. 


Since the finalization of our 501c3 nonprofit status we have raised over $30,000. Of these funds, 100% of our profits have gone directly to student-athletes to help pursue their dreams and fuel their ambition.


We are supported through the generosity and spirit of our members and the community around us. 

Community Support

100% of our funds have been used in the local community to go towards 

  • scholarship for camps & clinics 

  • club sports involvement 

  • athlete travel costs

  • youth sport equipment

  • academic opportunities 

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To help support our goals please consider participating in our Taylor Swift Fundraising Event.


The Cypress Foundation supports various groups and individual causes across Central Florida.  We openly encourage requests for funding. However we are not always able to fulfill these requests.  please fill out the form below.

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