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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

In 2020 after coming out of the pandemic, six individuals from the business community came together with worries, and also with hopes for the future. We wanted to be a catalyst for positive change in the West Orlando area, to rebuild a sense of family and community for the youth that not only had time taken away, but also opportunities due to the financial fallout.


In the past two years we rebuilt on a small scale, while growing momentum and establishing ourselves as a 501c3. We have supported a handful of local students offering financial assistance to participate in team and personal development.

  • Scholarship for camps & clinics

  • Academic advancement opportunities

  • Club sports involvement

  • Family travel costs

  • Youth sports team equipment 

But we want to do more. With new opportunities to expand our outreach we look towards 2023 as a banner year for the development of our organization. 


100% of our proceeds go directly to the supported students and their families. No members of the organization receive compensation for their time or efforts. No active member is eligible to have an immediate family member receive financial support of any kind from The Cypress Foundation. 

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